Adventuring in Toronto

Most of you lovely humans are coming in from out of town. We are incredibly grateful that we have such great friends and family who are ready and willing to drive/fly/schlep themselves over continents, oceans, and the very boring 401 to share our cough "special day".

Those of you who aren't super familiar with Toronto may, therefore, appreciate some suggestions of Stuff To Do while you're in town. And here some are!

Things To Do

Wander Queen West

Vogue apparently deemed Queen West the second best neighbourhood in the world, which is good, I think? Queen West has lots of lovely shops and restaurants and cafés and stuff, and is a very pleasant place to wander and window shop. There's also a really cute sock shop if you want cute socks, and a store full of things to help you organize, the biggest yarn shop in Canada and lots and lots of fancy clothing/shoe shoppes that I'm too intimidated to go into. Well worth a wander.

Go to a Museum

Paul and I like museums. We've long been members of the ROM (though are not at present, due to… grumpiness), and have visited the AGO (excellent!) and the Gardiner Museum (who knew ceramics were so interesting). Allison is a big fan of the Bata Shoe Museum, thougH Paul has never visited. Toronto's Museum of Contemporary Art is located down the street from the wedding venue -- at time of writing, we've never been, but we hear good things. The science center is also SUPER FUN, especially for wee ones, as is the zoo.

Do other fun things?

Toronto has a bunch of Escape Games and boardgame cafés, like Snakes and Lattés. There's also a new barcade near our house, which we haven't tried out at time of writing, but we hear good things about. It's called Nightowl Toronto. We've also not been to The Harry Potter Bar, but someone needs to report back. And the new aquarium is supposed to be nice. Plus, there's always the CN tower. They put ice cubes in orange juice when Allison and her family went about 25 years ago. It was memorable, though not as memorable as riding on a camel at the zoo.

Places to Eat / Merry-Make

The following is a list of places we enjoy eating food. Most of them aren't on Queen West, since we don't spen that much time down, as it's a bit of a walk from our place. Inconvenient, eh? We've added our suggestions to a handy map, and here it is!

When in doubt, Allison finds that Yelp rarely leads her astray. If anything, it sometimes discourages her from eating delicious things, because Yelp-reviewers are amazingly picky.

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