November 14, 2015. 4:30pm.
Gladstone Hotel.

Wear something nice.

Paul and Allison's wedding ceremony is in the ballroom at the The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto at 4:30pm. You should arrive fifteen minutes early (at least!) to enjoy the ambiance. Oooh, ambiance. The seats are comfy. The venue is pretty. If you're early enough, you can grab a beverage from the bar which abutts the room, enjoy the space, and bask in how happy you are for us.

Around 5pm, the ceremony will wrap up, and Paul and Allison will be MARRIED! Wooo! It's not weird to type that at all. We'll take some family pictures, and everyone will head upstairs to the Gladstone's Reception Gallery where there may well be an art installation. Hopefully it's tasteful. There, you'll enjoy cocktails and nibbles and some tunes. Around 6pm, you'll be herded (gently and politely) back down to the Ballroom for dinner, dancing, and tomfoolery.

Getting There

The Gladstone is located at 1214 Queen Street West. There is a 501 Queen streetcar stop just outside. The Dufferin bus also stops nearby.

There are limited onsite parking spots available for guests of the hotel: you have to book one when you book your room. There are also municipal parking lots around. Folks who enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine (or several of each) might not want to drive, but clearly you have agency. Just not agency to drink and drive.

Tiny Humans

Please feel free to bring your tiny humans to the ceremony and reception. We like kids: you have kids. This seems great.

If your wee one is having a rough go with the ceremony, we'd appreciate it if one of you brought said wee human into the hallway so that everyone can hear what's happening, which I suspect is common sense. We'll have kid meals for kids who eat such things. If you're breastfeeding, you do you. We'll figure out a secluded spots for folks who would like more privacy. We've noticed the washrooms have sizable counters for changing purposes. We're not certain about changing tables, but can inquire!

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