Let's Eat!

Our meal is catered by the excellent staff at The Gladstone hotel, you'll be making your choices on your RSVP card, but here's a preview. If you do have any allergies, please send us an email mystomacheisbroke@goteampanda.com.

Soup - Butternut Squash


Salad - Greens with Broccoli and Cranberries

Perhaps we can make friends with salad?

Pasta - Wild Mushroom Fettucine

Mushroom broth, arugula, and truffle oil. Allison doesn't like mushrooms and went WILD for the pasta.

Main - Choice of…

Organic Chicken Breast

… with soleggiati tomatoes, barley and purple kale. Delish.

Grilled Striploin

… with cheese curd smashed potatoes and wild mushrooms. Also delish.

Thai Vegetable Curry

… with jasmine rice. Really, surprisingly delicious. Also a bit spicy. Also also: vegetarian! Yay!


There'll also be dessert, and it will be amazing. It'll probably also be a bit after dinner, since you'll be stuffed with delicious food already.

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